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Our philosophy and services

Wouter Houtekamer

It's all about passion

Ever since a young age I've been passionate about design. From being irritated by bad design to being in complete awe of beautiful design, unconstrained by medium or form. As the great Massimo Vignelli once said I see myself as a doctor trying to cure the world of bad, and right out, ugly design.

Because no single person can excel in everything, I use the word "we" on this website because hardly any of the work presented here is done by me and me alone. I strongly believe in greatness through collaboration and all my work has had input by other people. Be it friends, sub-contractors or being a sub-contractor myself. It's only through collaboration, critique, looking at others and learning from others that one can really broaden his vision and be more productive, effective and better.

Our services

Identity & Graphic Design

With years experience creating and building brands, Studio Houtekamer has successfully established identities for new organisations and rebranded old ones.

We think it’s vital to think beyond the ‘logo’ – to see the logo in the context of the wider visual identity which needs to be created in a consistent way to make a successful brand. We look at how the identity will work across a range of media and can help clients to plot strategies to launch and disseminate a new identity.

Design for print still plays a significant part in any organisation and a substantial part of our work is still producing contemporary design for print. With a flexible approach to design, we are successful in interpreting briefs using a range of styles and approaches.

We regularly work on design for magazines, exhibition stands, annual reports, corporate stationary, promotional leaflets, flyers and almost anything else you can think of that you can print on. We also get involved in designing more unusual projects, from designs for vehicle wraps to quirky promotional give aways.

Whatever we’re producing, we always pay attention to the detail – whether it be the small print on the back of the brochure or the subtle nuances of correctly reproducing a company’s brand, we like the end product to always be perfect.

I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares, as opposed to ugly things. That’s my intent.

- Saul Bass

Webdesign & Development

Websites promote you 24/7:
No employee will do that.

We believe that there are several critical elements to creating a successful website – from creating a clear consistent identity, an eye catching design, a well thought out structure and a clear user journey. We take clients through a process of identifying aims for a new site, looking at key content and functionality, producing a site plan, wire-framing key sections of the site and then looking at concepts for the look and feel of the site.

We also design our sites as completely responsive – websites which looks great on smartphone, tablet and desktop devices. We’re also experienced in dealing with very different website projects and are used to producing attractive and effective content managed web solutions both large and small.

Communication Management

The digital age and the advent of new communication channels led to a shift from the mass approach of mainstream media to more active engagement with individuals, journalists and influencers, which, in turn, requires a more targeted approach. Simultaneously, media relations have evolved from a mass communication tool to a key strategic discipline that contributes to the perception and the reputation of a company or institution.

Many companies have learned the hard way that online reputation is just as important as offline reputation. Securing the right coverage requires content-driven communication. Only a storytelling approach that is embedded in an overall strategy will generate tangible results, extending an organisation’s outreach to meet its business objectives.

Studio Houtekamer helps you transpose your business objectives into corporate communication objectives, define the story and the key messages you wish to deliver, choose the most appropriate multichannel approach, help you implement your communication activities, measure their results and adapt the next steps of your communication strategy accordingly.

Energy and persistence conquer all things.

- Benjamin Franklin